Monday, 25 January 2016

Gel Singapore - Taekyoung's Reflection

 Gel Electrophoresis at Singapore

 A couple months ago, our school made an announcement that we would be sending students to Singapore for an exchange program. I immediately signed up, considering that this opportunity was too good to miss. And several weeks later, I was heading to the airport with the rest of the students to catch a flight to Singapore.
 When we stepped out of Changi Airport after the 6 hour flight, we were surprised by how hot it was outside. It was sort of weird, because contrary to the winter weather in Busan, it was hot outside and cold inside, which was weird at first.

 One of the best parts about the trip was agarose gel electrophoresis. It was an experiment done at our school's open lab and during biology class. The goal of the experiment was to find out if a suspect's DNA was left on the crime scene. Forensic science is definitely something I'm interested in, so it was really fun doing the experiment with our buddies.

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