Saturday, 30 January 2016

Lee Gyugeun

22 Jan (Friday)

I visited SST, feeling nervous. There, I met SST buddy named 'Roy'. I thought it was hard for me to talk with foreigner. But Roy spoke slowly and nicely, so that I could communicate with him. Talking about differences of weather was quite enjoyable. Cultural differences made us talk about lots of things, too. We toured SST campus, which was nice. I even looked at what Roy made, the part of city. Then, we moved to physics lab and made our own bridge. It was amazing because we did design, then choose it, and make it. We had a lunch time, too. After that, we went to URA. But we had to say goodbye because Roy had a thing to do. After saying goodbye, I saw Singapore's city plan at URA. I had sweet dreams in hotel. :)

At Singapore Science Center
There were a lot of scientific experiments. It was simple but important. Also, I loved the class 'DNA in Forensic Science' because of its story was really interesting.

At Marina Barrage
The technology that makes sea water into fresh water was awesome. And the sea was beautiful that I was going to dive.

I loved the library most, but the curriculum was amazing, too. I wish SST and SUTD will be the most popular school in Singapore.

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