Friday, 29 January 2016

The Time With SST Buddies

  The day after arriving at Changii International Airport, we went to School of Science and Technology after breakfast. After saying nice to meet you to my buddy, Sean Koh, we set Wi-Fi connection and sign-up to the team blog that SST already made for the international exchange program with us. Although I’ve been owning my personal blog written in Korean, it was hard for me to sign-up and upload a post cause its system is quite different with Korean blog service. As Sean and me finished sign-up to blog very quickly, we had some time to talk each other.

Photo with SST Buddies and BSS Students

  After signing up, we had time to tour SST. the experiment rooms and Carft Classrooms are not that different comparing with them in BSS. The fact that everyone in SST can use facility in Craft room include 3D Printer. We also have 3D Printers but, my school only gives chance to use them to few students. Although I am one of the student who have rights to use 3D Printer whenever I want, I hope everyone in BSS have oppertunity to use 3D Printers and other facility in Fab lab without any interference.

SST buddies explaining BSS students about their school

Photo of SST

  After that, we attended physics class with buddies. Not a lecture, but a fun activity that building a bridge. We design and simulate our own bridge with computer, configure the best bridge in the group by using Criteria, and finally make it. Criteria is a way to make a decision considering how much priority each factor has. I believe that Criteria is one of the best way to decide the best one among various selection

Bridge Design Competition

Design Bridge with Buddies

  The next day, we visited Singapore Science Center and did an experiment named DNA in Forensic Science. we learned about how DNA gives clues that help detective to certain criminal. But, I didn’t feel huge impression because all the BSS student already learned and did the exactly same experience during biology class. 

Playing with buddies while waiting for entry

DNA in Forensic Science

  We started working on bridge at Sunday night. As meaningless decoration make bridge more heavier and could make bridge more weaker, we cut off all the decoration we designed. On Monday, we went back to SST and tested how much weight our bridge can stand. Our bridge that focused on the basic function of bridge stand more then 170 times of itself’s weight. Simple is the Best!

Bridge before broken

Testing the Bridge

  After presentation, Gift sharing, CCA, The time for farewell dinner was come. After farewell dinner, we should go to airport and go back to Korea. Although we said goodbye to each other, part in today do not mean the end. Therefore, I believe that we will going to have opportunities to meet each other again.

I took several photos of buddies

Photo with SST Buddies

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