Monday, 25 January 2016

Hong Jihyeong

1. URA City Gallery
When you look at the overall view of Singapore city from the top of skypark, or Singapore flyer, you can easily recognize that the skyline is well organized. All of these buildings were carefullly planned by URA, and additional construction was still on the way.

2. Science Centre Singapore
In this centre, I had an opportunity to take class with my buddies. Class was about electrophoresis which is quite familiar to all of BSS students.  However, lesson was conducted in a concept of solving O.J Simpson's case and therefore interesting. Also, I loved how our instructor teached us with nice sense of humor.

3. Marina Barrage
In spite of heavy rainfall, Singapore has risk of water shortage due to its deprivation of area to store water. Marina Barrage is one of the 17 resorvior of Singapore, and it is unique in the way that its the only one located in the city. Going through the tour, we learned about four ways to get water-1. Storing 2. Desalination of seawater 3.New water(Recycled water), and 4.Imported water.
Awesome view of Singapore flyer and Marina Bay from the rooftop of building was also impressive.  

The fact that SUTD was build in collaboration with MIT made me excited even before the visit. Concentrated classes related to real life was also impressive.

5. SST
Nice friends, fun classes, exciting atmosphere!

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