Monday, 25 January 2016

Youngbin Lee - My Experience

 I was looking forward to go to Singapore as I got an announcement of the exchange program. I could not sleep before I leave Korea. Through the  exchange program I could make friends with SST students and learned about Singapore. I felt excited making friends from overseas.  It was wonderful experience to me.
And I feel thankful to my buddies and teachers who give me awesome memories.

Day 1
We arrived Singapore in the evening welcomed by warm atmosphere. With expectation I could not sleep at night though I was tired.

Day 2
 We finally went to SST and looked around the school with my buddies. The school was wider than ours and there were many interesting things. The most interesting part were the 3D printer works.
We got a physics class with buddies. We designed bridge with a program and made it with ice cream sticks.
 After that we went to URA gallery. It showed the Singapore's History and City plans. I wish our country have one that too. Through the gallery I could see that how Singapore government is trying to make Singapore the good place to live.
We said good bye to our buddies after visiting URA. And we went to China town. There were many interesting stuffs in the market. But unfortunately we could not look around much because of the rain.

Day 3
 First we went to Science Center and do some experiments like Agarose Gel Electrophoresis. I've done this before it was easy a bit. But it was fun to do with my friends and buddies. The interesting thing was in Korea, we only do an experiment in the class. But in the class in Science Center, the teacher told a real crime scene and related the experiments with real life. It was fresh experience for me.  Finishing the experiment we looked around the exhibition. The most interesting thing was the bird simulation. I thought I was flying except pushing the wings are quite hard.

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